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A photo geek in his natural habitat

Hi everybody! I’m Andy.

I have been fascinated with pictures all my life. It started with comic strips and storybooks. My mother was a prolific amateur photographer, and her family photo albums were legendary. Like every kid in the 1980s, television and movies captivated my attention. Eventually, I found painting and photography, and I never looked back. I’ve been studying visual media for most of my life. I’m fascinated with imagemaking and deeply inspired by the people who practice it.

You can hear more about what I do with photography here:

Years ago, I published a blog called FlakPhoto. That was before Instagram devoured the scene and ate my blogging habit. I love social media, but last year, I decided to log off and get back to basics. I’m still on social as much as I ever was, but rebooting FlakPhoto was a creative shot in the arm, and it refocused my efforts.

These days,

is a place to share community news, recommend books, and showcase the artists I admire. I’m having fun and hope you’ll join me.

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So, how does it work?

Good question. FlakPhoto Digest is a curated mix of images and ideas. Mostly, I write about what’s on my mind — like this piece about photography and attention. Or this rant about how Instagram is bad for artists. Mostly, I show photographers. Sometimes, I publish guest essays. Occasionally, I experiment with audio.

It’s a mixed bag and very improvised.

Obviously, I want this to be interesting for you and fun for me — a space to think about images and ideas and, ideally, to talk with each other about them. You can read more about what inspired things in my inaugural post:

I don’t paywall anything, but someday, I may offer benefits for paying subscribers. Most of what I do here is free. Of course, I appreciate it when readers provide financial support. Paid subscribers make this project possible.

Finally, I’m open to your ideas and suggestions as things take shape. Thanks so much for being here. If there’s something you’d like to see, please let me know!

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A curated mix of images and ideas


Andy Adams 

Hi! I’m a curator and writer in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Among other things, I run FlakPhoto Projects, a community hub focused on conversations about photography and visual culture. 📸