Since you asked, outside of work my main project is my personal blog which I'm currently cross-posting onto Substack while I try out this place. My blog is a platform and archive for eclectic personal projects and posts.

My current two projects are "Notes on My Consumption" where I write about what I read (a forcing mechanism so that I'm more aware as I go through the books) and "Penny Delights" prose poems recording life with kids.

I'm also on the lookout for a visual project (either drawn or photographed), but I haven't found one that has caught my fancy. Hopefully something pops up...but if not, I'll grind something out it in 2024. I normally a go with the flow dude, but sometimes the muse only shows up with brute force.

I can't say my work is top notch, only that it's the best I can do with the time I've given myself. I'm gratified a few folks enjoy it enough to subscribe. If more join, cool, but if not, that's OK too...I hope that I would enjoy my writings if I weren't the author....but I acknowledge that Grizzly Pear might actually just be yet another personal, unfocused blog — more quirky than quality.

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I'm always on the hunt for podcasts or essays about motivations and stories behind photography projects. Not the backstory of a particular person necessarily, but the ideas influencing the work. I'm looking forward to finding that on Substack!

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That first photo makes me so happy!

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Hi Andy

I have been following your newsletters and insights. They are amazing. Thank you for the inspiration. I am a musician, photographer who likes to tell stories. You may want to check out my musings here on substack. Much appreciated.


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I'm a writer and a visual artist. I don't think of myself as a photographer, but last year I began to do portraits of people's energy and light. I call them Soul Signs. So I photograph people and illustrate on top a visual representation of the impact they have on the world... I wish my photography was better, but using the photo as a background canvas takes the pressure off..

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Hello Andy,

a friend pointed me to your blog a few years ago, and I have been silently following you ever since. I'm glad to read you here on Substack. Here information flows, and I think sharing knowledge is easier rather than on social media. So, I took courage and decided to answer your call.

My name's Floriana, and I'm an Italian photographer. Apart from commercial work, I am very interested in portraiture and human beings. Two years ago, I went back to college to study psychology, and last year I started a monthly publication here on Substack: Making Pictures. It consists of articles and essays about photography, psychology and how they overlap and mix inside the Picture Maker's spirit. At first only available in Italian, but I've also started an English edition this year (https://makingpictureseng.substack.com/).

Thank you for this opportunity to share.

Having a place like this in the photographic world is nice these days :)

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Hey Andy and fellow subscribers/photographers! Even though I consider myself a photographer, I have not taken any pictures in years. However, I do have a photography blog that I update weekly. It's mostly focused on story-behind-the-picture type of entries featuring famous and iconic photographs. The 'catch' is that it's in Spanish, so it might only appeal to a small subset of subscribers. Either way, since you asked about our projects, I'm sharing mine with y'all. Let me know if you want the link. Thanks!

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